spHaus LaBimba Armchair

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spHaus has been established by Filippo Dell’Orto in 2004 as a progressive and innovative design company, producing and distributing 100% made in Italy top level furnishings, lightings and accessories. The company’s production guidelines were set up from the first catalogue: a product capable of going beyond the conventions of the sector’s large commercial brands by applying the principle of formal innovation, without loosing sight of pureness and functionality and, above all, without ever being merely decorative. spHaus then achieved the advantage of an high-end quality by the perfect balance between industrial and handicraft production, as a warranty of a unique object. Year after year, the product range grew continuously, offering an increasingly complete and sophisticated catalogue. Italian and international designers began relationships with spHaus by bringing variety and aesthetic richness without deviating from the established principles.

Dominika Mala 2019

LaBimba is an upholstered indoor armchair. The Italian name means "the baby" and it is suggested by its soft shape and small size. The armchair has a wooden structure covered with different densities polyurethane foam layers and it is provided with galvanised steel tubular legs in black nickel, copper, bronze or brass finishes. It comes in a selection of fabric or leather upholsteries. Covers are not removable. 

75cm(w) x 74cm(h)

Fabric, Leather
*For fabric and colour customisation, please enquire at hello@thestruxture.com.au 

Dispatches in 4-5 weeks

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