Murrmurr New Moon Couch

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murrmurr creates unique furniture, we see each piece as a work of art. The designs combine a striking aesthetic with optimal comfort, offering a sensory seduction while commanding the eye. Based in beautiful Cape Town, murrmurr draws on interior designer Mia Senekal’s appreciation of lines and texture in nature.

Mia founded murrmurr after nine years of extensive experience in retail interior design. The company offers both ranges and custom design services, tailoring pieces to each individual client’s needs. murrmurr will consult and conceptualise with you, ensuring that your piece is completely unique to your space. Strong emphasis is placed on ergonomic design, ensuring conformity to the highest standards of comfort. In addition, murrmurr proudly support South African business, and all supplies & suppliers are locally sourced.  

murrmurr think out of the box. Creating furniture that is different; sometimes subtle, sometimes bold, always extraordinary, an eye-catching addition to any well put-together interior. 

The design of the sofa was inspired by the new moon phase. The sample is upholstered in autumn brown soft velvet. The sofa is made in two pieces. Main part is 2000mm wide and the ottoman, that clips on, is 600mm wide. 

Lavish Autumn - Velvet

Please note additional cost may apply for customisation, enquire within.

Fabric options: 'Magical', 'Lavish' and 'Magical 202'

6-8 weeks

2600W x 1000D x 785H

Seat Depth : 650mm

Please note additional cost may apply for customisation, enquire within.

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