HOMMÉS Studio Antelope Rug

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HOMMÉS was born from a skilled merge of visionary identities, with distinctive perspectives of design, art, fashion, and cultures. We believe in introducing an Haute Couture concept in the Interior Design industry. With the clear intention of introducing a nouveau Haute Couture Interiors concept, presenting spaces with bold and unique identities, focused on the deep study of different interior trends throughout the 20th and the 21st century, paying special attention to how they can fit contemporary spaces. With that purpose in mind, HOMMÉS crafts own identity with precision, challenging the boundaries of the interior into the limit. From its natural look and textures to highly polished and coloured versions, all pieces are a tribute to craftsmanship, honouring the art of creating soulful pieces with handmade techniques. 

Antelope rug is a design masterpiece, perfect to be part of your next luxury design projects as a statement decor item.

Width: 300 cm | 122.0 in – Depth: 400 cm | 157.4 in

Handwoven Rug with New Zealand Wool.

5-6 weeks

For customisation enquiries please contact hello@thestruxture.com.au.

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