Ambivalenz Curt Sofa

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AMBIVALENZ has been innovating solutions for modern/mobile/flexible spaces since 2012. The design rationale for our furniture stems from demographic changes in cities that require new living concepts such as compact living and micro living.  It helps that we love experimenting with how to create maximum function within a limited space.

AMBIVALENZ develops and produces, among other items, foldable, stackable and printable interior objects for all sizes and types of rooms.  Functionality and comfort flow from our number one priority, design.  Our vision of great solutions for small spaces is reflected in our motto: AMBIVALENZ - strikingly discreet.

Curt is likely to be the simplest sofasystem in the world. There is only one module, a pouf. When these modules are connected with the patent pending connection system, sofas can be created in every imaginable configuration.

Curt might also be the most flexible sofasystem in the world. Not only the innovative connection system and configuration possibilities inspire infinite variations. Curt’s upholstery covers can be fully separated into two pieces, allowing never seen colour combinations.

Design: Malte Grieb and Joa Herrenknecht

The Module

This infinite variety is created by only one single modular form. A cuboid with a square base which height is half the length of its sides. In addition 16 hidden connection loops, only visible when needed. So simple, so infinite.

The Connection

This is not a connection for eternity. Short-term bonds are common practice, now even for sofas. If you had enough of one style, the hook is easily released and ready for a new configuration. An adjustable strap with two simple hooks. This is Curts belt. There are three attachment loops on each side of the module and four on the back for hooking in. That‘s how fast Curt bonds again and again and again.

Simply select your desired number of modules to create your own personalised Curt sofa.

Pouf Dimensions

Width: 68 cm
Length: 68 cm
Seat height: 34 cm
Height Arm- and Backrest: 68 cm


Dama Fabric: 100% Recycled Wool
Barcelona Fabric: 100% Polyester
Jet Fabric: 100% Polyester
Foam: Cold foam
Frame: Plywood
Straps: 80% polyester / 20% polypropylene
Buckles: Aluminium


Dispatches in 8-10 weeks

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