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Can I apply for a loan if I am only receiving Centrelink or government benefits?

Customers who are unemployed (including pensioners) but receiving a minimum of $750 per fortnight through Centrelink payments are eligible to apply for a loan of up to $5,000 assuming they meet our eligibility and credit criteria.

Why hasn’t my application been reviewed yet?

In some cases, MoneyMe will ask for some extra information to complete your loan review. Please check your emails and SMS messages for any correspondence from MoneyMe.

How do my repayments work?

For every MoneyMe+ purchase, we set you up with minimum monthly repayments. Each purchase will have its own interest free promotional period as set by the merchant.

If you are paying off multiple purchases, we will direct debit the payments from their account once a month.

What are the customer fees?

Monthly Fee: The customer has a monthly account keeping fee of $5 if they have an outstanding balance of $20 or more.

Admin Fee: For each purchase there is a one-off admin fee (starting from $49) that is split across their repayments and not required upfront.

Interest Fee: After the interest-free period (which will be set out in the financial table of their credit contract), an annual interest rate of 19.5% p.a. is applied to the customers outstanding balance.

Late Fee: A late fee of $15 will be applied if any monthly repayment is not paid on time. Overdue fee: An overdue fee of $15 will be applied if payments are overdue.
How do refunds work?

Returns and refunds are subject to the store policies of the merchant where you originally made your purchase. Please get in touch with the merchant who will coordinate the refund with us.

Customer support details:
If there are any queries regarding the application customers can call the support line on 1300 669 059.