spHaus Flirtstones Sofa

spHaus has been established by Filippo Dell’Orto in 2004 as a progressive and innovative design company, producing and distributing 100% made in Italy top level furnishings, lightings and accessories. The company’s production guidelines were set up from the first catalogue: a product capable of going beyond the conventions of the sector’s large commercial brands by applying the principle of formal innovation, without loosing sight of pureness and functionality and, above all, without ever being merely decorative. spHaus then achieved the advantage of an high-end quality by the perfect balance between industrial and handicraft production, as a warranty of a unique object. Year after year, the product range grew continuously, offering an increasingly complete and sophisticated catalogue. Italian and international designers began relationships with spHaus by bringing variety and aesthetic richness without deviating from the established principles.

Flirtstones is an asymmetrical seating system, inspired by river stones restlessly rolling and matching together. Each separate item, the sofa, the armchair and two footstools, is either independent or may be used to create the most varied combinations.

Flirtstones upholsteries are fully removable and easily replaceable. The widest variety of fabrics and leathers can be chosen to meet the client personal taste in terms of design.

Two-coloured coverings and top-stitching are a further mean to add a personal touch to the design of this wonderful product. The seating comfort is achieved by means of square and rectangular pillows of any sort, to be added to sofas and armchairs.

In 2005 the Flirtstones started a new organic trend in the world of upholsteries, since then copies and imitations appeared everywhere: this is the only original one.

200 Sofa: 195cm(w) x 74cm(h)
130 Armchair: 132cm(w) x 73cm(h)
150 Big Footstool: 156.5cm(x) x 33cm(h)
110 Small Footstool: 111cm(w) x 33cm(h)

Fabric, Leather
*For fabric and colour customisation, please enquire at hello@thestruxture.com.au 

Dispatches in 4-5 weeks

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