Roman Plyus

Roman Plyus is based in Moscow, Russia and has been working as a product designer and interior designer since 2014, specialising in residential and public spaces. Plyus graduated from the International Design School (Moscow) and in addition, holds a Rhodec International diploma (U.K)). His furniture pieces are designed to evoke comfort, both physical and emotional, forming bonds and telling stories through shape, form and their relationship to the space they are in.

Roman was born into a family of artists and engineers in Kurgan, Russia in 1988. In 2011, he spent a year living in a monastery in Delhi, India, with the aim of finding his identity. There he met his spiritual mentor who advised him to develop his design skills. He moved to Moscow at the age of 24 and began to learn interior and object design at International Design School. During the next five years he worked as a jewellery and souvenir designer, computer graphics artist and creator of residential and public spaces. In 2020, he decided to focus on furniture design. “The philosophy of sensual design is very close to me: when the consumer can interact with objects not only at the tactile and visual level but also receive some kind of emotional charge embedded in the object by the designer.” Exploring the borders between art and design, and the ability to exchange ideas and emotions serve as the foundation of Roman’s work.