five tips on how to style a small living space

1. Stick to the Light Side

Have you ever felt a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere after spending time in an airy, light space? When it comes to working with small spaces, it’s important to keep colours light and neutral. Steer away from dark tones, simply because this'll drown the space and make your surroundings feel confined.

2. Brighten up your Living Space with Fresh Flowers

Elevate your space with a curation of colour and natural textures. The world is your oyster when it comes to adding a sense freshness or a pop of colour into your living space with seasonal cut flowers. Achieve a timeless, contemporary look from a potted plant to a custom arrangement styled in statement vessel. 

Our personal favourites:

- Ranunculus 
- Tulip
- Anemone 
- Cymbidium Orchid
- Magnolia 

3. Add Wall Art 

Adding a statement piece of artwork or painting above a hallway console, bedroom tallboy or bedhead is a great method of enhancing height to your space. Wall mirrors are an essential to any small living area. By simply adding a mirror immediately enhances space through its reflection. They also bring in additional light and airiness to the home. 

4. Style with Large Items

Just because you have a small living space, doesn't exempt you from going to make that purchase on your dream sofa or dining table. A statement piece is always the way to go when it comes to a small space. The larger the better and the bigger the space will feel. Small items can sometimes appear to make a room feel tiny.

5. Avoid Unwanted Cutter

Investing in storage is a must when it comes to small spaces. There are a myriad of ways to ensure your belongings are organised and tucked away out of sight. If your space doesn't allow for storage, make a decision to cull unwanted items and your home will become bigger instantly.